Green Tea
For many centuries Asian culture has harnessed the benefits of green tea. In recent year’s the western world has embraced traditional remedies and explored the possible benefits that may be associated with green tea.

1. The combination of caffeine and the amino acid L-theanine that is found in green tea work together to assist with prolonged mental alertness and brain function.

2. Green tea contains high levels of anti-oxidants which are well known for their health benefits.

3. Catechins in green tea may reduce bad breath by inhabiting the growth of bacteria in the mouth. Monista’s Oriental Garden green tea has the added benefit of peppermint leaves, leaving your palate feeling refreshed.

4. Green tea is rich in polyphenols a plant compound which can assist in reducing inflammation. Inflammation in the body is connected to many chronic illnesses.

5.  Above all it is a pleasurable way to hydrate through the day. Drinking water is really important, however it can be quite a chore. Green tea is an enjoyable and healthy alternative.

Just in case you are still not convinced to start enjoying green tea because you dislike the bitter aftertaste that is often associated with green tea, Monista’s Oriental Garden Green Tea is blended with peppermint leaves to remove the bitter aftertaste.