How to create a beautiful breakfast table?

There is no rule that states elegant tableware and fine linen should only be reserved for the evening. So why not mix things up this season and start your day with a truly beautiful breakfast.

Start with table linen, we love a soft white tablecloth to create a relaxed, morning elegance. Matching napkins work for those that love a clean look or add a pop of colour with colourful napkins.  Breakfast crockery consists of a dinner plate, a bowl, a bread & butter plate and a teacup & saucer. Flatware includes a knife, fork, spoon, bread knife and a teaspoon. Finally, add your best glassware to give the breakfast table a touch of glamour.

For the centre of the table we recommend a simple floral arrangement, pick some flowers or foliage from your garden or treat yourself with a special bunch of spring blooms. To ensure you don’t block eye contact at the table, your floral arrangement should not be higher than 20cm. Finally add your favourite teapot, milk jug, sugar bowl and butter dish.

Scrambled Eggs with smoked salmon


We will be going the extra mile for Father’s Day this year, making an extra special ‘Breakfast at Home’ for Dad. Breakfast will consist of fresh locally grown fruit, poached eggs & smoked salmon, delicious toast with local honey and a pot of Monista’s Very English Breakfast Tea. How ever you choose to enjoy Father’s Day 2021, we hope it’s a wonderful day.