Loose Leaf Tea in 3 Easy Steps

There is no debating that quality loose leaf tea taste far superior to your average tea bag. But many people would argue that a tea bag is much quicker. However if you have the right tea tools, brewing a cup of loose leaf tea is as simple as 1,2,3.

1. Start by finding a tea infuser that is easy to use (a fiddly infuser that is difficult to use is off putting).

2. Simply add your desired amount of tea to the infuser and brew to your taste (one of the benefits of loose leaf tea is you choose the strength of your tea).

3. Once the infuser has cooled, empty used tea leaves into your compost or straight onto your garden.

At Monista Tea we have all the tools you need to make a quality cup of loose leaf tea in the same time it takes to jiggle a teabag. Happy Sipping!