teapot with loose leaf tea going in

Tips for staying Well &
Warm this Winter

1. Eat vitamin rich food, including plenty of fruit & vegetables.

2. Continue regular aerobic exercise. It can be harder to stay active in winter, however a healthy heart improves your ability to fight infection.

3. Stay well hydrated. Herbal tea or warm water with fresh mint & lemon is a perfect way to stay hydrated, warm and well.

4. When feeling under the weather, try a natural inhalation, lemon, mint or lavender are perfect. If you don’t have access to these ingredients fresh you could use a lemongrass & ginger or mint tea.

5. Include a daily cup of Monista’s Organic Lemongrass & Ginger with Australian Lemon Myrtle and add a dash of honey. All these ingredients have been used in remedial medicine to ward of infection.